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While working as a producer/presenter at That's TV in Manchester, I worked with Suzanne many times. She gave a lot of great insight into her role as a Psychologist and offered expert opinion on a number of related topics. During my time at the station, she also took part as a regular guest on my show "Now We're Talking", where we discussed topical news stories from the last 24 hours. Suzanne was always professional and prepared. As a guest on both live and pre-recorded TV, she was always relaxed and engaging. I can't recommend her enough as a broadcast commentator and/or presenter.

Paul Davies TV Presenter Now We're Talking 







During my work with Headway, the brain injury association 2006 - 2018, and currently as Chairman of the Northern Acquired Brain Injury Forum, Suzanne has been a constant source of support to me. Her intimate knowledge on brain injury, and its effects on the injured person, and their family members is immense, and she puts that knowledge to great use. Not only does she assist people back into their work environment following brain injury, she also assists employers as to what they should be doing to assist such individuals. She is an advocate for people with brain injury, and gives a lot of her own time for Headway Groups in her area. Suzanne is tenacious, passionate, and a very positive person. If you have a brain injury, and you are struggling to get a way back into work, or struggling to get something that you are entitled too, you need Suzanne in your corner, fighting for you.

Alastair White - Business Development Lead -Neural Pathways 

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