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Ten Years On

Today have been self employed for 10 years. It feels like the time has flown, but it also seems like a lifetime ago that I worked for someone else. I can honestly say it's been the best and scariest thing I've ever done. I love the freedom and flexibility of being self employed, but the cash flow issues and pressure to bring work in can be scary. Sometimes I'm crazily busy, at one stage I was driving 800 miles a week, and other times I'm panicking worrying I've not enough to do.

I love that I don't have to have team meetings, or office politics. I love that I don't have to work 9 to 5, so I rarely travel in the morning rush hour. I love that I can work in my PJs at home. I love that I can go for a walk with my 4 legged pals and their human in the middle of the afternoon and write a report in the evening when I find I can concentrate better. I love that I can decide which work I want to do and what I don't. I love that I can have time to volunteer with Headway Stockport and Greater Manchester Spinal Injury Support Group . I love that I have been able to work on local telly at That's Manchester and I love that I have met some amazing people on the way. You can check out my TV work here

I've worked with some great people, some have survived terrible injury and still want to progress and improve the quality of their life. I have met some fantastic professionals and some of the professionals are now close friends. Lets see what the next decade brings for Work In Mind

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