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Miracle Morning Or Manic Monday

I did a spin class yesterday at 7am, yes 7am, I then got my car fixed and was back home by 9am feeling like a smug Miracle Morning Guru. Here is my Instagram picture that went in my story.

Miracle Morning is preached by many self help gurus as the perfect start to the day, usually involving: getting up really early, doing some exercise, saying affirmations, reading, meditating, building an orphanage, selling your first born and having some water that has been sat near a lemon for a bit!

There is a whole industry promoting ”wellness” and often it’s not based on solid research. Beware of the “fake it before you make it” types who are usually skint and posting photos of their perfect life that you could have too if you just bought their stuff or sold their products.

Here is the real bit of my day with a Miracle Morning :

When I got home and got undressed to get in the shower I realised my sports bra was on inside out!

I had a second breakfast. Second breakfast is a thing of beauty. 2 crumpets at 6am won’t keep me going until dinner time

I was craving sweet stuff all day and chocolate and biscuits in the afternoon

I had an afternoon nap, I was knackered by 3pm and not really that productive!

So so the moral of the story is don’t compare your real life to someone else’s Instagram life! There is a whole wellness industry out there designed to make you feel bad so that you keep buying their stuff.

You are good enough, you are enough.

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