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Life On Mars

I love looking at the stars. I don't really know what they all are, but I can workout which one is Jupiter and can sometimes work out which one is Mars. I really don't understand much about space other than its really big and you need to be really clever to understand. It kind of blows my mind. I think we will always be fascinated with space travel I know work is being done to try and get people on Mars.

The selection process has got thousands of applicants down to 100 people.  This is allegedly part of reality TV program but the only catch is that the ticket is one-way. At the moment we do not have the technology to get things off Mars. Wow! I must confess I've watch the occasional series of Big Brother. Every year people say the same thing in the house that thoughts are magnified once you a are in there it.  Could you imagine spending the rest of your life with the same people? Imagine if you don't get on, there can't be that many places to escape to as it will take years and years to build suitable accommodation.

I love working on my own, I hate office politics, I hate works dos, I hate seeing the same faces all the time.  I'm really interested as to how people can really give informed consent to take part in this process. Even though there has been several series of Big Brother, people still say they were not prepared.  However in the case of Big Brother people can just asked to leave, there is no option to return from Mars. I would also be interested to see how much choice people get in who else is selected. It would be awful if people got up there and find out they didn't get on and can't escape. Whilst I'm really interested in space travel, it feels scary to think that we would be making TV programs out of peoples decisions that cannot be reversed.

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