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Let The Music Speak For Itself

It's the start of National Screen Free Week.  A week where we try to encourage kids aways from screens, this could be phones, tablets or TV.  It feels a shame that kids spend more time indoors and less time climbing trees and building dens, though I bet they have fewer scabby knees than I did as a kid! Screen obsession isn't just about kids though.  It seems so sad that some people live their lives through social media.  I do have a fairly hefty Twitter habit, but I do know when to put it down, well most of the time.  I went to a gig at the weekend, I love live music and being part of an audience.  I love singing along and knowing that I'm being drowned out by people who can actually sing.  I love bouncing along with the audience and joining in when I'm told to.  It's all about the atmosphere.  On Saturday I was behind someone who Facebooked most of the gig. She stood still in a bouncing crowd, she couldn't possibly have captured the atmosphere on her phone and couldn't have experienced as well as if she had joined in.  People who spend money on experiences rather than on things tend to be happier so why compromise that experience.    Now here is a novel idea, if you’ve had a really good experience you could just tell your friends about it, you know like in a conversation! #phones #gigs #mentalhealth #mindfulness #happiness

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