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Hello My Name is Suzanne

Hello, my name is Suzanne. I'm telling you this partly because this is my first blog post, but also because of the campaign started by Dr Kate Granger, who started a campaign to get doctors to introduce themselves before starting to treat patients. Sadly Kate passed in 2016, but her husband, Chris is keeping the campaign going. Their website gives more information about their work I was recently in hospital with a vulnerable man, he saw several members of staff and the number of people who did not introduce them self was alarming. Also many left his cubicle, without saying what the next steps would be, so he was left wondering what was happening. I really admire doctors and nurses. I'm squeamish and frankly I'm a bit soft, so I know I couldn't do that job. I also could see how busy they were. But it would be nice if they could just take a little time to be human. It made a real difference when the staff did introduce themselves. One nurse was really lovely and made sure we got something to eat. Here is a little video that I made about it As I say the doctors and nurses work really hard, the Hello my name is .... campaign to running in the hospital as I could see posters on the wall and some staff had name badges on with it on, though interestingly did not introduce their self. You're really vulnerable when you're not well and you don't just need to exceptional skill that doctors and nurses have, but also the human touch. #Hellomynameis #Hospital #communciation

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