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Face Coverings and Anxiety

Face coverings are going to be compulsory is shops from the 24th July. It’s understandable that you may be a little anxious about this. If you already live with anxiety this can be even worse. Here are some ways to help:

1 If you feel uncomfortable in a face covering, practice wearing one at home first. You’ll soon get used to it. If you find that your breath becomes shallow when you panic then a face covering can feel a little stifling so build up some tolerance at home.

2 Practice wearing a face covering outside. They are only compulsory from the 24th July so try it out in a shop knowing that you can take it off if it is too uncomfortable.

3 Plan your trips, if you find the supermarket an anxiety inducing place then plan to go at a quieter time of to a smaller supermarket. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, you can build up to going into bigger or busier stores.

4 Look at how you think about face coverings. It can be a scary reminder that there is a virus out there, but another way of looking at it is that we are putting control measures in place and looking after each other. Look for the positives, shops have spent a lot of time and money keeping us safe. Lines on the floor, hand sanitiser, screens, one way systems, counting us in and out. Look for the positives, these are here to help us.

5 Make a shopping list, that way you’ll not be worried that you’ll have forgotten something in the supermarket which will ease your anxiety.

6 Think about how you are going to manage your face coverings. Are you going to keep some in the car or spare ones in your bag. They are likely to be around for a while to plan how you are going to have some handy.

7 If you think it would make you feel better then pick some decorative face coverings, it could have a logo on or a band name or fancy patterns. If that makes you feel easier about wearing it then go for it.

It’s surprising how quickly we can get used to things if we just give something a little time we are more adaptable than we think. Also on the plus side you only need to put make up on half your face

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