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Following an accident or illness it may be difficult to decide which way to turn in your career.  If your client's previous job is no longer available for them to return to following their accident Work in Mind  can offer a full Vocational Assessment which will:


Explore areas of interest

Identify Transferable Skills

Identify level of ability

Identify and address barriers to returning to work

Provide detailed action plan for future work

'Being not disabled is not a merit, but a gift,that can be taken away from us any time'

 Richard Von Weizaecker


Vocational Assessments



Work in Mind offer a range of Job Coaching solutions.  This can be to support your client to find new work or to retain an existing role.  This may mean on the job coaching or meetings with the client and the employers to discuss ongoing support.  Often employers are unsure of the best way of supporting an employee with a disability.  Work in Mind offers simple and practical solutions to support both the client and the employer through what may be a challenging yet rewarding time.  Work in Mind - Consulting work in a transparent way to give your client the best return to work achievable to them.


Finding new work following an accident can be easily achieved, however retaining employment is more difficult.  Work in Mind are happy to work on a flexible basis to provide long term, appropriate support thus ensuring the best possible, achievable outcome for employment retention.  Early intervention can prevent small problems escalating and can provide a cost effective solution to your clients employment needs.


Job Coaching

Support to structure week

Some people may not be ready for work.  Work in Mind can support your client to structure their week so that they are achieving goals, feeling happy, meeting new people and have something to get up for!  This could be art classes, armature dramatics, visits to the cinema, and trips to the theatre, working out at the gym, dancing or whatever your client wants to do.  We will work with the client's existing team including support workers, case managers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists to ensure that community activities are completed safely.  Sustaining a brain injury does not mean being confined to a day centre.

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